Friday, March 02, 2012

Lee McKinley: At 50, setting PR's at Western States 100

I've been catching up on podcasts from Trail Runner Nation. This morning, I was both entertained and energized by an interview with Lee McKinley.  This guy is 50 years old, still banging out Western States 100 mile finishes's the spin...he's getting faster.

I'd highly recommend this podcast, you can download it at:

Here's a teaser:  Lee was training with former Western States 100 winner (1990-1991) Tom Johnson, who laid out a training weekend for Lee.  It's a three day plan - 20 miles Friday, 50 miles Saturday and 20 miles Sunday.  The challenge, according to ultra icon Johnson, is to assure you can run all the miles at the same pace...gentle as you go!

Lee is a common sense athlete who has adhered to the swim/bike/run philosophy...the concept is to train hard but take the impact load off the legs when possible.

This interview is good stuff all the way through.  It makes my 55-year-old body yearn for another 100 sometime this fall. Thanks Lee, for keeping the lantern burning for master competitors who still hold onto the dream.

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