Sunday, March 11, 2012

Get skinny and go fast plan, part #2

I'm continuing to push my get skinny/go faster training plan.  I have now lost 16 pounds since I fought back from a food binge semester break. It's an amazing place to be, this light and fit.

I am learning a few things over the perspective of time.  I'm the lightest I have ever been (155 pounds) but I have to filter that accomplishment through the ravages of a 55-year-old body.  Interesting that all my maladies are on the right side: Clicking jaw joint, arthritic hand, dinged knee and flamed-tendon foot. There's some sort of weight vs. fitness vs. aging body formula I have yet to invent.

But on occasion, you can strip that all away when God casts a ray of sunshine on your run.  I went out today after church - it's a record setting 60 degrees here in central Wisconsin.  Started easy but with most of the ice melted off the paths and streets my footstrike started to turn more rapidly. I had to borrow my mother's gym pants  (didn't pack any from NC) but that's OK, style isn't everything and sometimes cotton balloon shorts feel just right.  My Brooks Ravenna were laced a bit loose like I like 'em so we were well underway.

The miles slipped by and in my world, I was flying.  My pace was dropping under the 9 min/mile mark and a warm breeze was in my face.  The big test comes in the last's a half mile climb up Callon Street, then a right turn up Steepie on 12th Ave.  This is two blocks almost straight up, then over the top and down the hill before circling back to the finish.  My breath wasn't labored and I wasn't fighting the incline; I was digging and broke the crest, lengthening my stride down the next descent.

I came in with 1:31 for 10 miles, and since that included several miles of muddy and icy trail, I was pleased with the effort.  Thin is in, fat is not where it's at. I'm ramping up with protein, now trying to craft my body since it's down to stick man form.

Stay tuned for more updates on this reformation of body and mind.  It's a heck of  a start to 2012.

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  1. Sounds like happy running.

    I started shattering PRs a couple years ago after I dropped about 7 lbs. It does feel good to feel light. I still can't stay away from the chocolate chip cookies though. :)