Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Get jacked with Premier protein shooters

(DISCLAIMER: After writing this report, I was contacted by the fine folks at Premier; they sent me 5-10 protein bars, a coffee mug and carry sack)

In wilder days, I'd hit the bars with my buddies. If I succumbed to peer pressure and bad influence, it was possible we might knock back shooters of the strong stuff.

I still knock back a few now and then, but in this stage of life it comes after a hard workout when my body is screaming for replenishment.  And my "shooters" have become the little miracle bullets at left...Premier High Protein Shakes.

When you're traveling or don't have access to a blender or the goods to produce a full blown protein smoothie, drop into your local Sam's Club and grab an 18-pack from Premier.  These little guys are way less than a buck apiece and pack 30 grams of high-octane whey protein, have 1 gram of sugar, and come in at 160 calories. The taste isn't bad and you're getting the stuff needed to the muscles with rapid delivery.

I'm in this strange place where I'm not lying to myself any longer; I'm not pseudo-fit, I'm getting truly fit.  When you're headed south of 5% body fat, it's easier to hear your body scream for supplementation.  I hear those screams after banging out my hard 10 mile loop and I hear the screaming subside when I drain 1-2 of the little Premier shooters.

Most of us in the master competitor life can look in the rear view mirror and see the seasons of destruction, then the periods of care and rebuilding.  I'm living a good place right now and Premier High Protein Shakes are a nice complement to my lifestyle.

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