Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weight loss tricks for attaining that skinny runner's body

I forging ahead with my post-Christmas-holiday weight loss plan.  It's not that bad once you find consistency and the parameters for food choices.  I'm down about 14 pounds and am looking for 5 more.

To that end, try some of my get-that-skinny-runner's-body food choices:

1) Orville Redenbachers (or Jolly Time) 100 calorie Kettle Korn.  Nice amount of fluffy food and you're locked at 100 calories.  Not many snacks come in that low.  For example, I grabbed a bag of trail mix the other day and cleaned it off...then looked later and noted I had ingested almost 1200 calories!

2) Fruit.  No secret here but once you clean up your diet, you'll learn to appreciate the natural sweet taste of oranges, apples, bananas, grapes, etc.  Good food with low calories.

3) Steamed brown rice and vegetables.  I have a two-stage Sunbeam steamer...brown rice on the bottom, load vegetables on top and steam.  A couple of big plates is low cal and also great fiber.

4) Hot cereals.  I'm into Bob's Red Mill 5-grain.  Microwave a bowl in about 3minutes and get your belly full for only 150 calories.  Add some raisins or a banana for an extra bump.

5) Smoothie.  I make mine with frozen fruit, Crystal Light drink mix and two scoops protein.  Get a big blender full with about 300 calories total.  It's rocket fuel after my workout each morning and serves as breakfast.

There are more foodstuffs you can integrate into your diet, but the ones above have really set the foundation for me.  Add a few energy bars each day and you're on the way to being ripped and ready for your upcoming endurance sport season.


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  2. I'm with you there. Starting today to drop this offseason 15 lbs or so. I always make smoothies with too many calories, but the popcorn is a good one. I also like flat-out pizzas, using a wrap, some tomato paste, lots of veggies and lowfat cheese. Huge meal for around 300 calories.