Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tsali 50K revisited

Photo courtesy Paul Christopher
Here's one of the hottest match-ups from last weekend....my new buddy Mike Montgomery burning up the trail with master man chasing him. This is where I seem to find myself in most races, shadowing someone who can hold a faster pace.

Mike was cordial and we had a fine visit, but he turned on the afterburners and took it in hard the last few miles.  This guy is the real deal - has 26 ultras scheduled for 2012 inclusive of three 100 mile events.  He's doing the Iron Horse 100 miler in February and has been working on pace, to assure he can make the cutoffs.

Tsali was a nice event.  The event promoter had details well in hand. Chip timing makes things spot on.  The event tech shirt was one of the finest I have ever received.  Long sleeve, thick wicking fabric with nice design, zippers and storage pockets.  Surely no budget shortcuts in this category.

Despite rain, the course volunteers were cheerful and made sure we have our needs met at the checkpoints. Plenty of Hammer Gel packs for all.

My favorite story on the day came from Mike and Rick.  They shared a drop bag and when they went to retrieve it...it was gone.  A true downer to the pair, as the bag included a new $200 jacket, shirts, gloves, etc.  However, I can report a happy ending.  Someone contacted the race promoter to report he had taken the wrong bag.  Mike and Rick will get their gear back.  Ultrarunners can be good to each other and that makes me proud to be part of the sport.

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