Sunday, January 01, 2012

Purge wheat lose the belly?

I was taking a fine jog this morning, 65 degrees and sunny on my Alabama loop. Part of the run encompassed Ben Greenfield's latest podcast, which included an interview with Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist who has taken a firm and opposing stance regarding the consumption of all things wheat:

Dr. Davis is the author of the New York Times best seller "Wheat Belly." He defines "healthy whole grains" as "incredibly destructive genetic monsters."  His premise is based on the argument that wheat was genetically modified in the 1970's to deliver a higher yield product.  Dr. Davis states the dwarf wheat was designed to include an appetite motivator and also became an antecedent to high insulin levels. He also contends that patients who remove wheat from their diets have experienced significant weight loss and have seen dramatic improvements from a wide array of maladies.

Readers can check our Dr. Davis' blog at

I was highly engaged in today's presentation.  We're led to believe that a daily portion of whole grains is a smart element of healthy eating. I take pride in my home made health bread (wheat and flax) but now wonder if I'm baking with grains that will take me to a bad place.

It's sometimes hard to understand where endurance athletes should draw the line.  On some occasions I want to live on Builder Bars and smoothies and call it a day.  Seems that way too much of our intake may be tainted. Guess it will become a personal judgment for us all.  But whatever the choice, we need to listen, learn and stay informed.

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