Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Most efficient running technique

Part of my job in all things communication is to better understand social media. I need to stay on top of how we message within channels now available through the Internet.

To that end, I wrote, produced, directed, edited and acted in my first YouTube video. We shot about 50 segments, then I downloaded into Windows Live Movie Maker. I had never worked with moving pictures before, so it was a steep learning curve.  I'm not claiming any rights to the Oscars documentary category, but it's rather amazing that within three days, one can go from concept to finished product.

The content expresses my personal opinions on running style and how we can use the least amount of energy to propel ourselves to the finish line.  Much of my technique flies in the face of the current minimalist movement, but we all have to approach running with our own mindset.

Master Competitor is about encouraging individuals through endurance sport.  So keep those feet close to the ground and shuffle towards a personal victory!


  1. Tom, I enjoyed viewing your training video, it was very informative and I think I may try to employ this in my next run. As far as this being your first video I would compliment you on grasping the "tech" so quickly

  2. Nice content, thanks for sharing. I have some unsolicited advice about the video feel free to ignore what follows. Tell you editor not to be afraid of the cut and look up the "Rule of Thirds" when it comes to video composition. Also the video could have had the same effect in under 5 min. (this criticism is intended to be constructive)