Friday, January 13, 2012

Brooks shoe combo for Spring 2012

(DISCLAIMER: I am a Brooks supported athlete.  I received Brooks running products for the 2012 season)

Things are looking up for master man in 2012. I returned home from a month of travel and busted out three new pair of Brooks running shoes. I enjoy breaking in a trio of shoes at the same time, then using a pair each day in rotation.  I believe that different shoes break down with alternative impact points and that each foot strike in a unique way for that model.   My Spring 2012 line-up included the new minimalist Brooks PureGrit trail shoe, the wonderful and cushy Brooks Ghost 3 and the nimble Ravenna 2.
My reaction to the PureGrit's fast.  Quite easy to get a firm foot strike and push off based on the flexibility of this model.  The upper is thin and wispy and wraps more than fits. I ran on a wet day and the leaves were snotty; I wasn't getting quite the grip that I have been achieving with my Brooks Cascadia trail shoes. With a minimalist shoe a runner also gets a minimalist toebox; smashing a foot on a root or rock will make the eyes water a bit with the PureGrit.

The Ghost has become one of my all around favorite training shoes.  It's light, has exceptional cushioning, and provides a neutral footstrike.  If I'm traveling and plan to rack up the miles, I'll throw my Ghost in the travel bag.

The Ravenna was named Editor's Choice in the summer 2011 Runner's World shoe guide. This model is designed with ample cushioning for heel and mid-foot strikers - good for me as I come down on my foot low and flat (see my efficient running video via the right sidebar). The shoe is also designed to become more rigid as the sizes increase, so you can assume my size 13 monster dogs are in a pretty stiff ride in the Ravenna.

I have been allowed to continue on the Brooks promotional team for 2012.  That's a 20+ year run with one of the greatest companies in endurance sport.

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