Saturday, December 03, 2011

Mountain biking on the Overmountain

I felt quite proud of myself last evening...dropped two new sets of brake pads into the BB5's on my 29er.  Had a bit of trouble centering the calipers but a bit of Internet study helped me determine how to get it done.

I was back on the Overmountain Trail once again today. Familiar territory and my 29er hardtail is more than adaptable on that terrain.  It's all good and I'm over my whine fest from last weekend's ride at Oak Mountain.

Had a good talk with my mother.  She is my wisest advisor.  Mom told me "you'll know when it's time to slow down" as it regards my desire to once again gain speed while cycling.  This is coming from an 84-year-old woman who hits the Y four times a week, so I'll listen.  She's an excellent example of how to hold it slow and steady, yet retain the fire inside.  Many her age might have pitched in the towel, but she keeps on jamming the workouts.  She commented on young guys speeding like fire on the indoor running track, but that doesn't affect her.  Mom does her own thing and she does it well...where will those guys be in 60 years?

Life is starting to look like a long, flowing river.  I need to get my canoe in the water and go with the current.  Sometimes I can use paddles to alter my pace and direction, but for the most part the river (life) sets the standards and we have to adhere to its parameters.

I'll be 55 in two weeks.  I know that's just a number, but that number doesn't lie about the timeline of life.  I'm still spinning the crank on road and trail, and throwing in a few ultras just for giggles.  That's something I can hang my helmet on.  Endurance sport has been a wild 28 year ride.  I may attack the next 28 years at a slower cadence, but I plan to be engaged nonetheless.

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