Friday, December 16, 2011

Lees-McRae cyclist killed in head on crash
A cycling tragedy occurred near Banner Elk, NC on 12/15. Lees-McRae cycling team member Megan Babb, 19, was hit head-on by an Appalachian State student who veered left of center.  The student claimed he fell asleep while en route home after completing exams.

Babb was a resident of Texas and was training to compete in the USA Cyclocross Championships in 2012.

It's impossible to fathom the heartbreak facing both families this Christmas season.  For the Babb's, who lost a daughter, and also for the family of the driver, who took a life.

Five seconds.  That's all that would have been necessary to shift the point in time and the accident would have been avoided.  A stop light, reaching for a water bottle, a bathroom break.  Any small event would have been the difference.

We can't live in fear of life.  But as cyclists, we must accept the risks that accompany sharing the roadways with motor vehicles.  None of us will know the moment when our guest pass on this earth will expire.  Let's enjoy the ride and realize the joys outweigh the risks.

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