Sunday, December 11, 2011

60 minutes and 500 push ups

Some of the students from our Active Living community banged on my door tonight (I'm faculty in residence in one of our student facilities). They wanted me to witness their workout. They have built themselves into ripped specimens over the past semester.  The game was to amass 500 push ups in one hour.

It's a systemic program, 10 per minute the first 30 minutes, which then drops to 7 per minute to conclude the hour.  Of course, that's only a guideline; three of the boys hit 500 while Josh, the "winner" on the night, performed 640 clean executions.

What's remarkable about this process is that one can see the physical changes in these students over the semester.  They work hard and perform the 500/hour most every night.

It's interesting to watch how others develop physical fitness - during a daypart I'm almost always asleep.  Many different approaches to working out.  It's not a master competitor protocol for me, but I enjoy watching how the younger set gets 'er done.

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  1. Geez 500 in an hour sounds tough! I might have to run that schedule past a few crossfit friends and see what they think. Sounds like a great challenge!