Saturday, November 12, 2011

My new blog: Retro Motocross

I'd been playing around with photography from my motocross years, taking time when available to digitize the old black and white negs and slides.  Every time I do, it evokes positive emotions from my seasons on the national MX and Supercross circuits, 1979-1984.

An audience may exist for this journey through motocross yesteryear, so I built a new blog and will be featuring images and comments.  If you're interested in reliving pivotal MX history, such as the era of Donnie Hansen and Johnny O'Mara (photo here, maybe shot in 1980?) you might want to check in or subscribe to the site.



Master Competitor


  1. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Hi Tom, good to know you're just up the road in Boone. Down here in Hickory there are lots of good riding areas including a private MX outdoor track Joe Gibbs racing, Shane Watts and Charlie Mullins use. If interested in riding there let me know.

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