Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lake James State Park at Paddy Creek
We knocked out another 60-mile loop around the Lake James area this morning. Club go fast guy Steve Lambert posted the ride and I was the only one who showed - that meant trouble from the moment we clipped into the pedals.

Steve is an exceptional rider and he spent most of the day waiting for master man.  I was riding race pace while Steve was talking about building base miles for the winter.

During the loop, we detoured into a new section of Lake James State Park, to the Paddy Creek beach and facility.  This entire area is amazing; new roads and bridges, bike lanes, new cut hiking trails and this amazing public use facility that looks like an executive retreat!

While taking a break I chatted up a runner who disclosed he had just completed a 29 mile run. That begged for more discourse and I soon learned he was training for the Table Rock 50 mile on December 10 (I'm entered in the 50K).  I happened to ask where the race started and he said "right here!"

I don't know what the weather will be like on 12/10, but I must say I've never started an ultra or triathlon in this upscale of an environment.  What a place, what a day, and now there is anticipation for the ultra to come.

It seems with God, the blessings never end.  I drove home giving thanks for a few more gems in my life.

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