Friday, November 11, 2011

Creating the body you always wanted
I wanted to blog today and make it I came up with a great post title that should give me great ROI in my SEO that's for a communication prof spouting out the acronyms?

Here's the bottom line.  I turned into pudgy man.  After the bee sting debacle and blown shoulder I came way out of sync with my training plan and my diet crashed and burned shortly after.  It was a bad state of affairs where several building blocks in my life were removed - blood pressure checks morning and night, meticulous attention to MyPlate entries for diet and exercise - and of course then shoving tons into my pie hole with reckless abandon.

MyPlate serves as both a good friend and stern adminstrator.  It keeps you accountable and gives constant feedback on calories burned vs. ingested.  Stop using MyPlate and you can live free...if free means digging in the peanut butter jar at 10 pm and dumping 500-600 calories into your gut.

(FYI, the image posted here is the new U.S. government MyPlate recommendations; I embedded it just because it's pretty and added a good visual.  But isn't it weird the government chose "MyPlate" after Livestrong had already built it into a formidable brand?)

I got back on track a few days ago.  Bravely logged back into MyPlate after several weeks away and started the process of entering my data.  Something snapped inside me and master man emerged once again.  I've been sub 1500 calories a day with good stuff going into my system.

Maybe it's a fad, but I'm reading more about reducing grains in one's diet.  I'm a cereal addict - bran flakes, toasted oats and frosted mini wheats - and I can knock out several boxes a week.  No more.  My new program is heavy on almonds, yogurt and I'm going for the whey protein.  The biggest hurdle is to cut off the food frenzy during evening hours.  When I hit the apartment after school, I stay very conscious about how I'm thinking and eating.

Most of us aren't pro athletes and we can't live the perfect life with the perfect diet.  But for me, being fit with the right food in my body makes me a better man...a master competitor.

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