Sunday, November 20, 2011

Boone Running Club makes it fun to run

There's an emerging good times movement in Boone, North Carolina and it's coming from a group of citizens who are bonded by one of my favorite sports...running.

I turned out for a Boone Running Club run yesterday morning.  Not that I haven't wanted to attend prior, but Saturdays are usually reserved for off-the-mountain cycling this time of year (I missed a great 100K yesterday in Wilkesboro with the Brushy Mountain Cycling Club, but that's another story).

What I like most about most any community is the opportunity to socialize through endurance sport.  If you want to get involved, find a posted date and time and make the effort to attend.  I went to the start point at the National Guard armory.  Club leaders Valerie and Jay were welcoming and motivated.  Wayne and his wife Suzy were also on board for their first club run.

I did the first loop with the group, a nice jog up the greenway, around the new high school and back into the park.  It was a tad faster than I usually jog (8:30 pace) but all good for 6.5 miles.  I needed to get to the office to write a research paper, so I pulled the pin while others went out for more.

If you're a bit isolated and want to connect with others, reach out to a local sports club.  Woody Allen stated that 80% of success is showing up...that premise sure works for engaging in exercise with like-minded indivduals.  Just get your butt to the start point and they'll help you do the rest.

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