Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ashland Dave is at the center of the universe

One good thing in the podcast world leads to another...I was listening to Dirt Dawg's 100th episode ( and noted a reference to Ashland Dave's podcast

Ashland Dave is an ultrarunner who likes to tell a few stories and lives in Ashland, VA.  Of course, that's the center of the universe.  One has to appreciate Dave's ethnocentric view.

Communication professors teach about all things mass media and that includes social media.  None of us truly understand how to use or measure it, but of one thing I am sure:  Some of my favorite media choices are non-commercial podcasts.  It's not about a mass audience, nor does it rely on revenues to be successful.  It's citizen journalism at its finest.

The latest episode on Ashland Dave's show is about the 2011 Mountain Masochist 50 mile.  I have completed Masochist 2-3 times (can't remember brain is fading) and it's a tough mother.  Dave features some great pre-race comments and then observations on the course.

Thanks, Ashland Dave.  I'm a new listener and here's a shout out to your contribution to the ultra community.

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