Monday, October 31, 2011

Run for your lives...the Zombies are coming

I'll file this under the "I'm too old to understand" category.  Heard a report on the Running with the Pack podcast, about a recent Zombie Run 5K.  This is a new national race series, where you not only complete a 5K obstacle course but in addition, Zombies chase you and try to tear off your flag (akin to flag football):

Here's the slick promotional video that was produced for the series:

According to the podcast report, here's the humor element:  This promotional group had not put on a "race" prior to the first event in Darlington, Maryland...and it attracted 10,000 entrants. Chaos ensued, including hours-long traffic jams that all but shut down the race headquarters community. Assurances have been made that problems will be alleviated at future events.

In my master competitor mind, an attractive race used to mean a good course, ample aid stations and reliable timing and scoring.  Throw in a t-shirt and a bagel at the finish and you had a top flight event.  But the new running audience is looking for entertainment and peripheral activities.

Maybe that's why it costs $57 for a 5K (early entry) and $22 for spectators who wish to watch.

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  1. They should up the excitement another notch and combine it with the Mud Run events. Then they could charge $100+ and all heck would break loose.