Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tempt me with hemp (protein)
I'm one of those individuals who loves Amazon shopping...with the hook being the over $25 free shipping.  I purchased "Academically Adrift" that we're reviewing for our faculty reading group and of course needed another bump in spending to make the $25 limit...that leads me to Tempt hemp protein.

I opened the container this morning to make a smoothie and was tempt(ed) to wash the entire batch down the garbage disposal.  The stuff looks like topsoil and smells like compost. I reticently added two scoops to my fruit and drink mix and blended.  The result was something parallel to pea soup.

One has to get past the color and gritty texture to "enjoy" the concoction.  I'm sure master man is getting major healthy by ingesting this high fiber organic protein source...but maybe I'm not quite ready to give up the white, frothy, vanilla shake taste I've been getting from my Naturade soy supplement.

Diversity is a good thing and this is surely a deviation from my norm.  I'll get through this batch of hemp and then move forward to something a bit more mainstream - and less expensive - than Tempt.

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