Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Riding the snake revisited

Photo courtesy Steve Lambert
Want to have a good time?  Here's the formula: Gather some of your best cycling friends, congregate them at the Food Lion in Mountain City, TN, and then bust out to re-ride the Surviving the Snake 100K in perfect fall weather.

Here's old master man to the right, pulling a pace line near the start of the route.  Thanks to top honcho Steve Lambert, who happens to be so good on a bike he can spin ahead and shoot shots like this over the top of his head!  I have enough trouble taking one hand off the bars to get the water bottle.

What's so special about this ride is the date; it's one day after the Cumberland Trail 50K.  It was pretty cool to have done the 50K and kept the legs fresh enough to climb the snake.  But that said, the ride to the top was grueling.  I was sputtering up near the crest and diverted my attention by watching the sport motorcycles racing the same section. Switchbacks forever...that's the snake.

The Boone riding crew is magic.  We have fun together and it's not about any certain pace or a specific type of rider. We do an all inclusive no drop theme and it works.

I did a bunch of big pulls in this ride...there's a stretch into Damascus, VA where I held 25 mph for a good spell. But no matter if it's pulling or hanging in the draft, I always conclude in the same fashion:  Thanks to all for including me.  I am grateful and fortunate to have such a exemplary group of friends.

Want to see more?  Check out Steve's link for a slide show:

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