Friday, October 28, 2011

Retro motocross racing: For men who play like boys

Here's a photo and shout out to master competitor reader David Campbell, who's getting ready to squirt some dirt with his pristine 1980 Honda CR250 Elsinore.

David plays hard and seems to have a never ending agenda for good times.  He likes to compete in master's events both on and off road...he's also active in club road racing.

I have enjoyed the resurgence of vintage motocross racing.  The equipment is not only fun to ride, it triggers memories from yesteryear, when I, for one, was a bit more courageous.  Who can forget the original silver-tanked Elsinores and the advent of MX super star Marty Smith?

Maybe it's the outcome of so many years gone by, but my recollection of those times is bigger than life.  Factory riders on their flying machines.

Thanks to individuals like David and others like him, who keep those dreams alive through retro MX racing.  You can't really know where you're going, unless you know where you've been.


  1. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Memories....drum brakes, radial heads....laydown gas shocks.
    Or better yet, nothing better looking than the low expansion pipes on the earlier MX bikes... jb ohio

  2. I've tried motocross racing once, and I loved battling the rough terrains and paths. I love the adrenaline rush after the competition or the practice. It was just so much fu

  3. Nothing screams thrill and adrenaline like a motocross race. It's so amazing to watch racers drive through all those kinds of terrain as easy as if they were spreading jam on a piece of bread. Hehe. Kudos to David and you guys!

  4. The tougher the race tracks, the better. I love going for a motocross ride on a real tough terrain so that I can test my strength and courage. That gentleman right there must be enjoying this activity more, now that he’s been engaged in this field for more than a year. Show us some stunts, lol!