Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nathan Trail Mix 4 is the best
I've had both love and hate affairs with hydration systems throughout my 28-year endurance sport endeavor. I've utilized hand bottles, single bottle packs, double bottle packs and bladder hydration systems in both waistpack and backpack style.

Ran the Cumberland Trail 50K today (more on that ASAP) and wore my new Nathan Trail Mix 4 bottle pack.

This is by far the most comfortable unit I have ever strapped on.  The elastic waist belt is fully adjustable and rides snug but not tight.  On several occasions, I actually forgot I had it on.

Weight distribution is excellent among the four (4) 10 ounce nutrition flasks.
Storage pack is small but ample for most needs.

This is one hot unit and I want to give Nathan a shout out for a fully functional design.

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