Thursday, October 06, 2011

My MBA study buddy is getting fast

He's not quite a master competitor (age 34) but my MBA study buddy Aaron Ruffcorn is coming on strong in the marathon and ultra world.

Aaron and I powered through the Otterbein University MBA program in Ohio several years back.  We came upon some non-curricular fun times while participating in the study abroad program in Finland and Russia in 2005.  I moved on to U of FL and Aaron decided to call Milwaukee, Wisconsin, his home.

In addition to his work as an AFLAC sales agent and rock band entrepreneur, Aaron has worked to hone his running prowess.  He has completed the Ice Age Trail 50K and just today sent this get 'er done looking shot from the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon.  Aaron ran a PR of 3:12 at this event and for anyone who has run a marathon...that's serious business.

I enjoy the fact that life is quite linear, yet at times operates like a puzzle.  Good people like Aaron pop back up and plug into the mosaic of events and memories.

Congrats Aaron - I'll give you early entry into the master competitor hall of fame.

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