Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mountain biking on the Overmountain Victory Trail

God dropped another gem on me today.  It was sunny and crisp so I busted out after church and drove over to Wilkesboro for another tour of the Overmountain and Shiner's Gap trails - my second mountain bike ride since blowing out my shoulder.

I found the Youtube video, posted above.  It's a three-minute opportunity to come along for the ride and experience my favorite place to be on Sunday afternoons.  I have a positive association with North Carolina fall and winter seasons; this year is no exception.  Bright sun, crisp air and color in the leaves.

So here's the set up:  Start the Overmountain Trail Youtube segment above; turn the sound to 0. Start the Youtube segment below, vintage James Taylor from 1972 singing "Carolina in my mind." Watch the  trail ride, listen to James.


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