Friday, October 21, 2011

"Kansas" rocks Appalachian State
It was good then, it's really good now. That's how the show went down last night when Kansas played with the Appalachian State University orchestra.

It pays to buy your ticket early; I got mine online weeks ago and ended up front and center, one row back.  Was 20 feet from stage and felt like I was part of the act.

The band took a charitable view in their current tour:  Sponsor D'addario (guitar strings) made a contribution to ASU's music department, while Kansas kicked back a large portion of their merchandise sales on the night.

I bought a couple of Kansas albums when I was a teenager.  Classics like "Carry on wayward son" and "Dust in the wind" age like fine wine.  I've been an amateur guitar player and have been doodling with the opening chords to Dust in the Wind for about 30 years.  To see Billy Greer (most often the bass player) pluck it out on a six-string was magic.

Here's a political statement:  In an era of economic uncertainty and careers cut short, it's satisfying to see a gang of old timers provide a product that maintains market value. Farthing auditorium was sold out and the band will be moving forward with many more dates.

If you'd like to explore, Kansas has a exceptional web site:

I really don't know how to make the jump from this post to endurance sport.  Maybe there isn't one and I'll simply use this forum to give a shout out where one is due.

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