Thursday, October 13, 2011

Adversity: How we handle the dark times
It's easy to cry in our own beer; a bit more difficult to focus on those around us who need our care and attention.  That was my thought on the day as I ran in a light rain this morning.  My body seems to be on the mend and I scored a late entry to the Cumberland Trail 50K this Saturday.  Not much to be pouting about in my life so I'll bring some attention on others.

My U of FL PhD classmate Wes fell 20 feet out of a coconut tree and shattered his heel.  Don't ask why he was in the tree; just understand he's a big guy and taking a fall like that could have been lights out for good.  Wes underwent major reconstructive surgery and now he's in a chair for a couple of months.  It will be a long road back, but the guy seems to be keeping his chin up with attitude intact.

While running I listened to an inspiring Competitor Radio podcast with Jamie Whitmore, a top triathlete who had been ravaged by cancer.  Her effervescent approach to life made me want to ramp up my own game plan.  If Jamie can keep the attitude coming, so can I in most every situation.  Here's the link so you can enjoy her story:

One aspect of aging is the fact injuries heal slow and sometimes not completely.  We need to adapt and accept the fact our bodies are degenerating over time. Both Wes and Jamie demonstrated how to maintain a solid perspective while life beats them down.

I'm of the Christian faith and have come to think more about the regenerated bodies we are to receive once we take that long ride over the horizon.  I don't know all the details, but when you adhere to the metaphysical, there will always be question marks.  I am secure in knowing that as this body of mine slowly decays, another racing frame is waiting.  That's my way of maintaining expectations of better things to come, as I lean into the future.

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