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Plantar fasciitis cure part 1: Anti-minimalist approach
I have been living within the minimalist running view for several days now.  Have to admit my interest has heightened and I may try a few barefoot laps on the football field very soon.

But for now, back to reality. I needed to get another run in this morning and it was time to maximize the treatment for my injured right foot.

So, with a quite anti-minimalist attitude, here's the cure I developed:

1) Pulled my Brooks Addiction off the shelf.  These beauties are full motion control models, the antithesis of minimalist shoes.

2) Slipped in a set of Powerstep insoles.  They feature a rigid, jacked up arch.

3) Slid in a pair of Dr. Scholl's sport gel inserts on top of the Powersteps - the Dr. Scholl's also have a semi-rigid arch support.

4) Put on some medium-thickness Injinji toe socks.

5) Found an old arch support wrap in my gear box.  Positioned it solid and tight at the highest point in my arch, then slipped the prepped dog into the shoe.

So there I was, jacked, locked, loaded and trussed.  Felt like some form of foot binding treatment. In this instance, the outcome was eventful - a 90 minute run, 90% pain free.

Maybe there's a future moment when I can start over, discover my true footstrike, rebuild and go minimalist.  But I'm out of time.  Man can not live by bread alone - he also needs God's word and a substantial training base.  I have not been able to run, have lost my compass, diet is in the toilet (most literally) and my emotions are frazzled. Running must come back into my life.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this report...there is more magic in the air as part of master man's cure-all approach.


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  2. I had plantar fasciitis for years. One day it got so bad as I was walking home from the bus stop, I removed my shoes and walk the rest of the way home barefoot. For some reason, the pain subsided. After doing some reading on minimalist shoes/barefoot running I decided get off the "motion-control shoes (Nike, NB, Brooks, etc) I had been wearing since high school.
    After laying off running for a few weeks (in order to let my feet heal) I got rid of my "motion control" shoes, yanked out all my inserts from my other shoes and went "minimalist". My plantar fasciitis never came back. I currently use Asics SP2s for road and NB MT100 for the occasional trail.


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