Friday, September 30, 2011

Healthy, fit and happy: Addendum

I blogged yesterday on how master competitors struggle to find balance within a "healthy, fit and happy" measurement model.  As is often the case, I write spontaneously (the essence of blogging) but then circle back and rethink the post. So from that process comes my need to reframe the "fit" dimension.

My earlier comments led one to believe "fit" is a weight achievement goal; that's not acceptable. Fit is a comprehensive package of food intake and training.  The right fuels are being ingested and a mix of endurance and strength training is burning the calories. Weight loss feeds the desire for even better dietary intake and a higher intensity exercise.  One may hit that mystical moment when you're "on the razor"...a term used by Tour de France competitors when they're prepped and ready to endure the brutal three week contest.

That's my enhanced view of "fit."  If the diet goes to junk or your exercise slumps, you're toast.

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  1. Jay Cohen7:18 AM

    I thought the first article was spot on, but I do see where you're coming from.