Monday, September 12, 2011

The Clegg crew: 206 miles to the beach

Here's a huge master competitor shout-out to my riding buddy Jimmy Clegg. He was part of a crew of 11 hammer-heads that burned a pace line 206.6 miles from Thomasville, NC to Cherry Grove Beach, SC, this past Saturday.

This is a no-nonsense outing.  The boys blast off at 6 am with lights front and rear, then drop into pace line format with each man taking a three (3) mile pull off the front.  The group stopped every 33 miles for a 10-12 minute regroup and go.

Jimmy told me it got a bit ugly during some of the stops, but no one fell off and the cronies finished in formation at 6:15 pm.

"We had two flats, some stomach distress and leg cramps, but nothing to shut us down," said Clegg.

Jimmy had been my friend for about 25 years.  He's way out of my league, a real outlier when it comes to performance for the 50+ crowd.

Watch the embedded youtube segment...enjoy.

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