Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Young people, joy sticks and the great outdoors

It's interesting to watch how many young people today hover over the computer screen, surpassing the time they spend recreating in the great outdoors.

Check out this excellent comment from a master competitor reader...he started as a kid outdoors, stumbled upon an ultra, and took it to fruition 17 years later!

Justus has left a new comment on your post "My nephews know how to climb Grandfather Mountain": 

Hey Tom,

In this day and age where a lot of kids would much rather shoot aliens all day in video games than ride their bikes and be outside this really does matter. I remember being a 12 year old on a backpacking trip on the Laurel Highlands Trail and experiencing (by complete accident) my first ultra marathon. The idea that people were running the entire 70 miles at once really stuck with me. 17 years later I completed my quest and finished the Laurel Highlands Ultra. That day was really the beginning of my love of running in the mountains and helped to shape my life in some small way. So It Does Matter! 

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