Friday, August 05, 2011

Rolling down the Silver Comet Trail

Had an opportunity to catch up with old friends from Florida...we converged on the Silver Comet Trail, just northwest of Atlanta.

We rode to the west into Alabama last Friday. Riding towards the Alabama side seemed most appealing.  Much of the trail intersects small towns that seem like yesteryear.  We rode about 40 miles out in rather oppressive heat.  Caught a lunch at a neat little diner and then pedaled back.  Some rolling hills, just enough to get some burn in the legs.

On Saturday we rolled to the east towards Atlanta.  Saturday morning proved to be a very popular time.  We rode in a heavy mix of joggers, slow recreational riders, triathletes in fast pace lines and a few mountain bikers.  The Atlanta side of the Silver Comet is much more commercialized; we spotted welcome centers with large parking lots and direct access to townhome complexes. We went about 30 miles out, stopped at a Shell gas station for snacks and fluid, then pushed it back. Rain hit in the final miles, so it was good to call it a day.

I am truly connected to mountain cycling, but on occasion it's appropriate to ride rails-to-trails type paths that are free of traffic and great for socializing.  Making use of the Silver Comet made for a complete weekend of fun.

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