Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Honest Jim says "Running is my mistress"

I've used the "endurance sport as mistress" theme and mantra on several occasions.  There's something about long distance aerobic sport that seems like an illicit affair.

To lend more credibility to the theory, check out the following from Honest Jim, who was recently featured on Dirt Dawg's Running Diatribe:

Here's what Jim had to say:

I listened to show 69 the other night, where you compare running to a marriage...I'm so with you on so many levels but running to me feels more like a mistress! My wife knows about her and tolerates her to a certain extent,  but I can't really talk about her too much! She competes with my wife for my time! I sneak out to see her - sometimes at night! I sometimes hide my clothes after seeing her so my wife doesn't figure out where I've been! She also excites me and I can share things with her others don't understand! 

Looks like Jim has a bit of a struggle on the home front...wife or run?  Run or wife?   It's a common "injury" that we see and hear about on the ultra scene.  The sport is time consuming.  There is a balance to achieve when chasing the elusive endurance sport lifestyle.

I'm trying to heal my body.  Think I'll walk across campus, head back to the apartment and ultrasound my foot.  That is, if I can reach down that far with my blown right shoulder!

I feel like one of those little ducks that goes back and forth across the range of fire in a carnival shooting arcade.  It's just a matter of time until someone fires another pellet to knock me over.

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