Saturday, August 13, 2011

Glutton man

This is a rather strange jump, but when visiting the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, we came upon Glutton Man in the gift shop.

Don't know why he was in the gargoyle section, but I loved the visual.  Fat greasy burger in one hand and big bag of fries between his knees.  Could be the stereotype for half the motorists in the USA.

I'm a big advocate of placing more emphasis on gluttony as one of the seven deadly sins.  Seems that organized religion point fingers at numerous sins, in most all cases ranking some as more preposterous than others.  But when it comes to belly fat jiggling over our belt lines, we most often turn the other way and head to the snack table following the service.

I may work off a few more calories that others, but please let me state here and now that I'm not immune from the sin of gluttony.  I'm shoving a large second helping of ice cream into my pie hole as I write this.  Controlling food intake is always a battle and I'm not going to minimize it.  It's also a battle for many others - including children - in today's drive through and fast food environment.

Maybe it's time to keep Glutton Man front and center.  This deadly sin is truly killing us and we need to admit it.

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