Saturday, August 06, 2011

Fluids and electrolytes: Should we throw them under the bus?

Tim Noakes from
I listened to a mesmerizing interview on Ben Greenfield's nutrition podcast, with Dr. Tim Noakes. Noakes is the author of "The Lore of Running" and has 30 years invested in sport nutrition and injury research.

Bottom line, Noakes contends that the salt/electrolyte model promoted in all major sports drinks flies in the face of scientific research.  His "drink to thirst" model states that our bodies need less that 1.2 liters of fluid an hour and that salt/electrolyte balance is self-regulating.

According to Noakes, the reason for the burgeoning supplement industry is that sport drink manufacturers created the need for fluid replenishment to boost sales.

This material is controversial and flies in the face of all common knowledge related to training and racing.  I'm not yet endorsing Dr. Noakes' premise, but I will have to think more about my use of hydration tactics going forward.

There's no way I can present the material like Dr. Noakes...listen and learn:

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