Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Darrell Shultz: "You can't remember pain"

Here's one of my retro shots, circa 1982, featuring 500cc National Motocross Champion Darrell Shultz (right) with his factory tuner, Chris Haines.

Shultz became a big contributor to my journalistic career as associate editor of Cycle News.  It was Schultz that dropped a big scoop in my lap...that Honda was paying a $100,000 bonus to win the Supercross secret info at that time.

Shultz succumbed to major injuries, including a totally destroyed knee. When it came time to race for the 500cc championship, "Shu" had to be carried onto his bike, with his knee shot full of unmentionables.  He was also recovering from a collapsed lung, so Honda hired a medvac helicopter to stand by at the race site in the event Darrell had to be lifted out.

It was during those events that I learned something from Shultz that has carried me throughout my endurance sport journey.  "You can't remember pain," said Shultz.  "So I just live with it now, it will be gone in the future."

I have thought about that philosophy on many occasions, most times in the midst of suffering during an ultramarathon run.  There is pain in the moment, but the perception of that pain is not carried well through memories.  It's not relevant once it is past.

Life can really hurt from time to time.  But if we remain strong while we're in the pain, the backside won't really matter.

Thanks for that one, Shu.  Wise words from a true champion.

Want to learn more about Shultz?  Check out this excellent Racer X update:

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