Sunday, August 07, 2011

Coupon shopping = $$$ in your pocket

There's a new "free" for all happening at your local grocery and pharmacy's called the coupon craze, a way to stock up, shop smart and pick up your favorite goods for little investment.

Here's my latest pirate's treasure.  Name brand goods, with coupon cost reduction, in addition to store rebates and other cash credit programs.  Buy a lot, pay a little, and go home happy.

Couponing won't be for everyone, as it takes an ample amount of pre-planning, calculation, and redemption certificate management.  But once you get your PhD in mathematics, you're good to go!

Using coupons is an old game that has been modernized.  Merchants wants returning customers and if you're ready to play the game the manufacturers provide, you'll have more goods at home and more $$$ in your pocket...and that translates to cash for endurance sport toys and event entries.

So I'd suggest coupon more and save!

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