Saturday, July 02, 2011

Watauga County High School: The track is off limits to everyone

Things didn't come together for today's club ride, so I opted to prep the old commuter bike and wander around town on a leisurely spin.

One of my city loops includes a visit to the new, state-of-the-art Watauga County High School, which recently opened on a wonderful setting just east of town.  One aspect of the school that I enjoy when I run in that direction is the cushy surface of the competition track.  But today, I received a shock when I arrived at the gate.

What the?  No one is allowed on the track?  If not, why did we spend tax dollars to build it?  Does this enforce a new rule where students are not allowed to use their own facility for sport?

I'm sure this sign is simply poorly worded, and instead is targeted at folks like me - local taxpayers who are not students, but nonetheless enjoy using the track when school activities are not underway.

I'm not feeling the love from Watauga County on this one.  I'd suggest they might reconsider usage protocols, then hold a meeting or focus group to reconfigure the message.  Whatever the outcome,  I'm hoping the "no one allowed" transitions to "sure you're allowed" very soon.

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