Sunday, July 03, 2011

Survey says: Master Competitor at Pinhoti 100?

The vast universe of master competitor readers have spoken.  An overwhelming number of voters (5) suggested I should put my wide butt on the line for the Pinhoti, while another smaller but substantial segment (3) said pull the pin and run 50k's.

If I was Bill Clinton or any other well meaning politician, this is where I'd jump on the poll data and expound a long statement about how 100 mile racing is my future and that 100 miles is the distance to complete me in 2011.

However, I'm not there yet.  Found the courage to hit the scales after my two month odyssey, upon completing my bike ride yesterday.  I ballooned up to 167.5, so there's plenty of work to do this summer.  Have to get light and strong(er) but also need to work on that muscle just north of my neck...the brain.

Something inside has me in a state of contentment, where I am satisfied with life as it exists and thank the Lord for where He allowed me to land.  I'm not hungry for 100 miles.  Don't know if I possess the determination to finish.  Of course, I want the total satisfaction that comes with running (crawling) 100 miles, but don't seem ready to pay the price.

More on this as we mosey along.  And stay tuned for a feature post on two renowned elder statesmen of the ultra world, who responded to my historical questions.  Good stuff to come.

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