Monday, July 25, 2011

Riding in TN + pitbull attack

Humor me for a second.  Go to, click "images" and type "white pitbull" into the search heading.

You'll get hundreds of images, 99% of them depicting cute little bundles of canine joy.

Just let me say the little SOB that came out after us on this past Saturday's bike ride was something completely different.

I'm not a pitbull fan, so if you have one, we'll debate vigorously on this topic.  My experience with these nasty little creatures are that they are born and bred to attack.  Most other dogs wag their tales as we roll by, but pitbulls are looking for a  mark and I seemed to be in the crosshairs.

I did what I usually do with dogs - shout at them defiantly to determine authority.  Pit bulls seem to take that challenge and come on even harder.  I hammered the crank and got a bit ahead of the vicious animal, so instead the demon turned on my riding buddy Terry.

In one controlled motion, Terry clipped out of the pedal and at the opportune moment, kicked the mad dog right in the snout.  It was that, or get taken clean off the bike.  The dog backed off for just long enough for both of us to sprint away.

That's not part of the road cycling experience, never should be.  Just let me have a small sliver of the public roadway and keep your nasty animals off my path.

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  1. No kidding! In my first triathlon ever I had a pit bull chase me down the road in the middle of nowhere, SC while some redneck started cursing at the dog for running. Leash it up, chain it up, or don't own pit bulls!