Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Shimano 105: I'm not cool

As much as I talk about being settled into my current endurance sport abilities, I continue to struggle with how I fit into the groups I train with.

One example is my "new" Specialized Roubaix.  It's a 2010 model, which features the former-generation Shimano 105 shifters.  This unit has the external shifter cable, while the new Shimano components have all cables integrated internally, then routed under the handlebar tape.

I must admit that this shouldn't matter, but it does.  I'm not fast enough to be anything special, yet hold some perception of who's on the latest equipment.  I'm not.

Another cosmetic issue that popped up was the fact I always run a frame mounted tire pump on my bikes.  But when I bought the Specialized, I opted to get the new CO2 canisters for tire inflation.  Why? It's not cool to run a pump on your frame.  Not the look of fast dudes.

But over time, I had a change of heart and mind.  I'm not fast and won't be able to get faster.  Additional training and more weight loss may get me 10% but that still puts me off the back.

So, I love my bike, irrespective of the external cable shifters.  I bolted my pump back under the water bottle cage.  I'm a goon and that's what it has to be.  Life is rolling past and I have to live within the parameters God has offered.


  1. lol. I say run what you brung. There have been several times I would have wanted a pump vs. c02. With that said, I'm not willing to strap a pump on to my frame due to the material and limited edition paint scheme. That being said I would give thought to spending $ 44.00 to get the mini, yet very effective hand pump that can fit in my jersey. It has the capability to go over 120 psi.
    As far as the shifters/brakes go. There is a noticable opperational difference in the Dura ace,chorus,sram integrated shifters. But I for one don't look at and judge anyones choice of equipment.

  2. Nothing wrong with a pump every now and then. They don't run out like co2 can.

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