Sunday, July 31, 2011

My nephews know how to climb Grandfather Mountain

It's rather hard to capture hard ascent and descent in photos...but take my word for it, this was a tough uphill section en route to the top of Grandfather Mountain near Linville, NC.

My nephews and their parents were visiting from Wisconsin, so I had to come up with something epic that would stick in the brain boxes of those kids.  I'm one to push outdoor activity, so we set out as a family unit up Profile Trail and then onto another climb to the east, which got us up and over the top.

That's David in the lead, then Joe (soon headed to Madison as a college freshman) and old master man pulling up the rear.  I told them to pump a fist as the photo was taken, to demonstrate victory over what the mountain had to throw at us.

These boys don't waste a lot of words...they just work hard, clean the sections, and chuckle like Bevis and  Butthead.  That's OK because it's more important to get effort into one's legs instead of pumping up the jaw muscle.

One difficult part of my life is the many moves I have made along the way, with most locations a long distance from home and family in the Dairy State.  Maybe in a small way, I can make up for being an absent uncle when I deliver days like this.  I told the boys they earned their way to the top, no stinkin' car ride for this crew.  Maybe in the end, those sorts of things do matter.

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  1. Hey Tom,

    In this day and age where a lot of kids would much rather shoot aliens all day in video games than ride their bikes and be outside this really does matter. I remember being a 12 year old on a backpacking trip on the Laurel Highlands Trail and experiencing (by complete accident) my first ultra marathon. The idea that people were running the entire 70 miles at once really stuck with me. 17 years later I completed my quest and finished the Laurel Highlands Ultra. That day was really the beginning of my love of running in the mountains and helped to shape my life in some small way. So It Does Matter!