Monday, July 18, 2011

Motocross: Chad Reed's epic crash

I've been hanging around motocross tracks for around 40 years.  And this past weekend's AMA pro national in Millville, MN delivered some great racing.  Former MX champion Chad Reed masterfully won moto one, but in moto two chaos broke loose.  Reed was making a high speed approach to the face of a jump, when his Honda violently snapped sideways, catapulting him 50 feet in the air!

Check out the video; it's almost beyond belief.  Reed hit hard, but regrouped to pass over 20 riders to finish 14th.  He stated that the crash was the scariest of his entire career, but that championships are won on bad days, as well as good.

I'm no longer connected to the sport, but as I watch from afar through race telecasts, I'm becoming a big Chad Reed fan.  This Aussie remains hungry to win at every race.  He's now racing for his own team (not a factory effort) and is also a family man with kids.

Any form of racing has its risks.  This event will keep us sober minded regarding the power and viciousness of the 450cc four-stroke monsters these athletes straddle most every weekend.


  1. Up until 2 years ago , I really disliked this guy. Thinking he was an ego maniac and pre modanna. He won my vote back 2 years ago, and has showed nothing but warrior heart ever since. That crash was insane. I have cross rutted over a jump before, got swapped and thrown but never even close to that far in the air and distance. Can you imagine how slow motion that was to him. Then to get up and finish !! And actually race back up to the top 3rd. That is all time.

  2. Tom...I just read your article in Trail Runner newsletter and...Amen. Our generations has to just keep 'em moving forward, and I've found the soft surfaces on the trails is a definite advantage to guys (and gals) our age. In fact, I encourage runners of all ages to transition to softer surfaces to increase their chances of longevity, it's easier on the legs and joints. If you get a minute, check out my blog, it's geared toward running for the long haul and being active. Again, well done.