Monday, July 04, 2011

Matt Mahoney: 13 Barkley attempts for the man who won't quit

Ultrarunner  extraordinaire Matt Mahoney dropped a comment in regard to my Gary Cantrell/Barkley post.  His response to my Ann Trason historical question was:

"Ann Trason was in the lead when I saw her at the bottom of Hope Pass coming into Twin Lakes in 1994. Later the first of 6 Tarahumara passed her and won, but I didn't see it happen because I was getting a ride back from Winfield, unable to make the return climb over Hope Pass because my lungs were full of water."

Among an impressive list of ultras, Matt notes that he has made 13 Barkley attempts...with no official finishes. You have to learn more about Mahoney to see what makes this man tick. A PhD with a focus on data compression and artificial intelligence?  Check out his personal website:

Then, click to the pictorial report of his 2010 Barkley Marathons attempt, inclusive of images where James Earl Ray jumped the fence at Brushy Mountain State Prison:

A wise man once told me you can't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been.  Thanks to Matt and others in the sport of ultrarunning who keep history relevant and pertinent.

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