Friday, July 08, 2011

Federal agent attacked by wild dogs

I'm sure this headline will catch a few hits off the search engines...but it's true.

You may be interested in a former army soldier who cut the cigs and Burger King cold turkey, dropped 60 pounds in six months, then became a federal agent who shipped off to Iraq. Mark T. Jackson is a master storyteller; I'll let him explain how he'd get chased by wild swamp dogs and on occasion take direct fire while running.  And I thought my trail loop was hard!

Listen to the report at:

This was a special day for me.  Came upon a $20 bill while running through the park this morning.  I've been a dime and quarter man for most of the 28 years I've been jogging, but this find was over the top.  Guess some unknown benefactor partially sponsored my Raptor Ride 60 mile tour tomorrow.

Gotta love that ROI from being a runner.

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