Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead: Guys who go on the juice

If you'd enjoy a warm and fuzzy flick that gets the eyes a bit misty, I'd suggest this 2010 documentary. It's about an Aussie financier who gets wealthy and fat, then decides to do the 40+ life turnaround.

The solution?  Come to the USA and do a 60-day juice fast. He spends the first 30 days in New York City, then the second 30 days driving across the country.

En route, the documentarian meets an overweight truck driver who has the same skin malady.  The film then incorporates the radical turn of events for both individuals.

The end result is good.  Life becomes more of an avocation as the juicers profess their transformation to others and get bring a healthy option to family and friends.

It would be interesting to push hundreds of pounds of fruits and vegetables through one's body.  I'm sure the outcome would be advantageous.  Even if I don't buy on to the entire ritual, think I'll take two bananas to school today instead of just one.

You can find the website for this film at  I watched it on Netflix streaming.  Enjoy if you can.

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  1. adding to the netflix queue now. looks great, thanks Tom!