Saturday, June 04, 2011

Wausau, Wisconsin and a summer's day run

Back in my hometown of Wausau.  Seasonal heat and small town life.  Can't be better, this is the essence of the northwoods.  Some might embrace winter as part of the identity, but for me it's the lazy days of summer.

Busted out this morning for my Wausau loop jog.  No more ice and restrained trail, now it's all granite and sand. Deep, lush greenery though the woods.  Saw a teenage boy with a fishing pole on a path along the Wisconsin River.  He waved me over and shared a fawn sighting.  This youngster held a wonderment and joy about spotting wildlife near an urban area.  Made me realize I'm sometimes numb to nature; I appreciated the reality check.

Coming back to one's hometown always raises a state of revelation in my bones.  Where I've been, what I'm doing now, what I have yet to accomplish.  My lame old body tweaked during the run and I once again visited the possibility of a 100 mile run this fall.  Is there one left in this old frame of mine?  And more important, is my mind ready to embrace all that is needed for that sort of effort?

There are other things outside of endurance sport to consider.  I have always played big, which led to mountaintop highs and painful, deep lows.  I realize that I'm rather settled into a comfortable life with many benefits, so it would be easy to accept that and dial back.

But master competitor cannot accept that outcome.  Life is wonderful and large and we need to squeeze it like a sponge.  I'm cooking up some new chapters in my book.  Too soon to throw them out there, but stay tuned for updates.

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