Friday, June 10, 2011

Motocross: Does fitness lead to winning?
Been watching "The Moto: Inside the Outdoors" documentary series on Fuel TV:

Some of you may know that master man's first true love - and career - was driven by the world of motocross.  I was on the national circuit as a journalist, then marketing executive, during the early 1980's. It was a dream to exist on the inside of that great sport and its athletes.

"The Moto" depicts the up and down lifestyle of today's top riders, inclusive of the training tactics necessary to win.  Some viewers may have a hard time grasping the concept of rider as athlete; it's just motorcycle riding, right?  Anyone close to motocross will quickly inform you that the sport requires an intensity that can only be accomplished through physical prowess.  Most of the leading racers now employ personal trainers.  In fact, 2011 Supercross Champion Ryan Villopoto gave high props to his trainer, Aldon Baker.

I have a theory about motocross and fitness.  Yes, the physical aspects are imperative, but there is a psychological component that may have an even bigger effect on success.  Most endurance sport athletes have a fond recollection of those periods when we're supremely fit.  There's a prowess that comes with that package.  One can carry an aura of superiority, whether it's succeeding in the workplace or on the playing field.

So (I believe) it goes in motocross. When a young athlete has done the heavy lifting, he/she grooms the inner strength that comes with fitness.  And when you're playing the game of motocross, only the best in mind and body will overcome.

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