Thursday, June 23, 2011

Get out to vote: Should master man attempt a 100 miler?

Hey Master Competitor readers...lend me your vote!

I'm like a kid on a teeter-totter regarding this fall's racing plans.  One part of me (maybe the fantasy element) wants to make a run at the Pinhoti 100 mile, in Alabama in November.  Hard, but not killer with 14 miles of Jeep roads and 4 miles of pavement.  I would have to approach it as a speed hike, and if I houred out, shake the promoter's hand and walk off the course.

The other option is to have recreational fun this fall and run 3-4 50k's.  I'm looking at the Stump Jump and Cumberland Trail races in TN, and the Iron Mountain and New River 50k's in Virginia.

Check out the voting option top right.  Cast your vote for my future.  I promise that if elected, every ultra event will have unlimited pizza and tech shirts!

1 comment:

  1. yes. though- you should not attempt one, you should complete one.

    You can always do the 50k as training!!