Saturday, June 25, 2011

Football great Danny Wuerffel contracts Gullain-Barre
Last week, former U of FL quarterback and all around great guy Danny Wuerffel contracted the same nasty disorder that hit master man in 1993:  Guillain-Barre Syndrome.  The ultimate cause of this disorder is not known, but in some strange way antibodies go nuts and decide to eat away the body's nerve sheaths.  Bad stuff.
Danny is fighting back, and seems to have succumbed to a "light case" with limited paralysis in the limbs (I was a "complete" with total paralysis and loss of breathing function).
Following is an excerpt from a letter Danny posted to fans and friends.  Let's pray for Danny's recovery. It's a long road that sometimes takes more perseverance than a man/woman can muster.  
I seem to get just a little bit better each day, and feel confident that the worst is behind me. I feel so grateful as my experience with Guillain Barre (Why couldn’t the doctors that discovered this syndrome have been named  Smith/Davis or something?) seems to have been on the mild end of the spectrum. While it’s quite scary to literally sense your body moving towards being paralyzed, I was diagnosed pretty quickly and started treatments right away. (Like many health issues, I think the tests and treatments caused as much pain and discomfort as the actual syndrome did.) I’ll finish the second round of treatment today, then see the doctor this afternoon  to find out what’s next. Most likely, I’ll be released for the time being.
I can currently stand and walk very slowly, and my arms seem to work pretty well (just very weak). I’d say I feel less like I’m paralyzed and more like I’m just very weak. I got a little cocky trying to walk yesterday and was a little humbled. I didn’t pass out, I just got real sleepy while standing (that’s my story).

My next assignment for the next several weeks will be to rest, recover and start physical therapy. All signs are pointing towards a good recovery. There is a chance my reflexes and coordination may not fully recover. Please pray that isn’t the case.

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