Thursday, June 30, 2011

David Hannaford on and Injinji customer service

If you're into the big miles in prelude to this summer and fall's ultrarunning events, no doubt you've pulled up lame with foot injuries.

Listened to an interesting podcast from, with podiatrist David Hannaford:

There are solid comments on how to manage foot damage, prep your feet, and wear the right shoes.  But what really caught my ear was a comment that over the past couple of years, Hannaford is seeing more forefoot/ball of the foot area injuries.
Hhhmmm....might that be due to Chi Running (promotes forefoot strike) and the new minimalist shoe/barefoot craze?  I had to chuckle a bit because at times, it seems we're chasing our own tails...or the tails of those who promote new and "better" revelations in running.  I'd suggest it's best if we all remain an experiment of one and make our own preservation plans.

Also wanted to put the thumbs up to Injinji footwear.  I had two pair of the toesocks and they didn't last as long as I would expect; worn spots and hole in one heel.  I emailed the company, got a quick response from Stephanie, and two pair of the new midweight Performance Series socks were en route.

This "no questions asked" policy is what keeps products like Injinji competitive in the marketplace.  I look forward to trying the new socks on my campus trail loop tomorrow morning.

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  1. I heard that Podcast and started to chuckle when he made the comment about more forefoot injuries. I am a fan of go with what feels good and keeps you injury free.

    As for Injinji: not the most durable socks in the world. Good to hear the customer service is solid. I wore them for a year or so and had some blister problems in a few summer ultras. Switched to drymax and will never go back...