Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wild animal attacks American professor in Italy

Yes, I had to write a headline that would hit the search engines...wouldn't you, if an ass bit your ass while on vacation in Italy?

Here's master man making a bad decision.  I was prompted to make a photo next to a seemingly docile donkey while on a wonderful wine country tour.  All looks good until you transition to frame #2...where that nasty little creature laid its chompers into my left hip!

Everyone involved seemed to think this was a funny event.  Ha ha ha.  If you're chuckling at this outcome, maybe you should consider inserting yourself into this life threatening scenario.  Never trust farm animals in Italy!

Check out the new masthead photo above.  This dude has been at the winery we visited since 1951 (I truly believe this is Salvador Dali in hiding). When the place was sold about 20 years ago, he asked if he would be allowed to marry; the Catholic church was the winery's former owner and his contract said no wife!  The story ends well.  The new owners said go for it and he married a few days later.   All's well that ends well in the land of master competitor.

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  1. Anonymous5:25 AM

    Ok...I chuckled.....Have a great trip. Ohio JB